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About Us

We work with businesses to develop software
solutions, move them to Cloud, or create mobility
and managed IT solutions.

Our goal is to help you do more with your IT investment. Moving you into the Cloud will take advantage of the services and tools there designed to help reduce costs compared to traditional custom build.

Our Story

experieco works with businesses of all sizes. We have been deploying Cloud and mobility solutions for many years. The business started as a software development house over 25 years ago specialising on workforce mobility solutions in the Telecommunications and Roadside Assistance verticals. Building solutions for these two verticals demanded highly capable and secure mobility solutions for large teams of staff out in the field. This grew to include building a multitude of large scale custom enterprise applications.

Over time some elements of these solutions made sense to sit on Cloud platforms were they could be integrated with a raft of other Cloud services and capability. This developed our experience and skills across both Cloud and mobile solutions.

Our Leadership Team

Andrew McPherson


Alan Leigh
Executive Director


Ben Doidge
General Manager Operations


Roger Thompson
Financial Controller


Alex Lavrinovich
Technology Principal


About our awesome team

The one thing we have in common if you are in the experieco team (an Experite, we didn’t run with experitonian as it’s too much of a mouthful) is we all love technology, and we operate well as a team. We are proud of the business, it’s successes, where it’s going and how we all work together to make great things happen. We have a huge variety of people in the experieco team, with different skills, personal interests and life experiences giving us great diversity in thinking and capability.

To satisfy the nerdy passions of playing with the latest or coolest gadgets that all the team has, we make sure there’s plenty of tech toys about as well. A perquisite to becoming an ‘experite’ is to love this ‘Sh@4t! We also like to make sure there’s plenty of rewards for those going the extra mile whether it’s a few beers, shouting one of the team and their partner for a meal out, or giving them a couple of hours off on a nice day to enjoy in the sun. You’ve got to have the fun times with the hard work.

We’re a bloody good bunch of genuine people with a huge amount of experience in the IT industry. The team always want to do what’s best for our clients. And we have some amazing people in the business who have done some pretty impressive things over the years.

For our clients the team will go the extra mile to do what’s right for them every time.   That’s what happens when the team are proud of the business they work in.