Appnivity Platform

Is a low code platform to rapidly build, modify and centrally manage quality enterprise software applications that are highly configurable.

The problems Appnivity Solves

  • Speed and cost to build, modify and manage high quality responsive design applications across an organisation
  • Ability to share software assets across a business to increase speed and lower costs to develop solutions
  • Ability to create Eco-Systems to enhance innovation and increase speed and lower costs

Businesses around the globe are at various stages of implementing digital and mobile first initiatives to improve efficiency, innovate and differentiate.

Appnivity has been specifically designed to improve the speed and decrease the cost of building and modifying these initiatives. With the unique features to clone widgets as well as entire applications to enable inter-company software sharing as well as the ability to build up external non-competing partner eco-systems, Appnivity has a lot to offer businesses of all sizes.

Appnivity Tools

The Appnivity platform has a number of pre-built tools and integrations that can be leveraged even when building custom applications making it significantly faster and cheaper to build. And over the lifetime duration of the applications you build on Appnivity you can further benefit from Experieco’s continual investment in the platform. There is a continual technology roadmap where features and capability is being added to ultimately offer both partners and customers more tools to reduce time and cost in building and managing your applications.