Service Arrival Notification App

The Service Arrival notification app is for businesses that want a powerful Service Notification tool that goes beyond the capability of a static text message. The app enables businesses to engage their customers more by improving a key touch point experience with better information for clients related to the arrival time of a service event, offering up-sell opportunities as well as improving operational efficiencies by reducing the number of attempted deliveries to homes or commercial premises where no-one is present to accept a delivery.

The app can be launched via a text message hyper-link or email making it ideal for customers who use a businesses services infrequently and haven’t downloaded a native app. A customer can get a near native app experience launched from a text message.

Example Use Cases

  • Service Technician Arrival – Roadside Assistance companies
  • Service Technician Arrival – Telecommunications companies
  • Service Technician Arrival – Energy companies
  • Service Technician Arrival – IT System Engineers
  • Service Delivery Arrival – Courier, freight and transport companies
  • Deliveries of Food – National food chains
  • Rubbish Skip deliveries – Rubbish Collection Companies
  • Taxi driver arrival – Taxi companies

Configurable SaaS Application

The Appnivity App can be configured to represent the look and feel of your business, as well as further modifications can be made to the arrival notification app to differentiate your business from competitors. The app is built on a platform with tools that enable the re-design and configuration of the look and feel of the app to comply with different company brands as well as the ability to integrate new capability within the app that you may specifically for your business.