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Why Experieco
for your managed
Cloud & IT?

Why experieco for your Managed Cloud & IT?

We have been building enterprise software solutions and mobility solutions over the last few years. This has included building and managing these applications in the Cloud. So it’s our bread and butter.

And from this we know Cloud is not just about hosting applications on elastic infrastructure. That’s just the tip of the iceberg. Sure that’s fine in some instances to be ‘on’ the Cloud, but we know all about that as well as ‘in’ the Cloud.

When your ‘in’ the Cloud the platforms enhance the potential for seamless integration of processes and systems, enhanced mobility and access to data. Our skillsets at experieco are a perfect match to help businesses get ‘in’ the Cloud, not just sit on it.

We think Cloud is awesome and a real game changer for businesses who really want to harness its power. The team here are highly skilled and able to help businesses realise much more of benefits Cloud offers in addition to elastic and agile infrastructure.


Making complex plans simple to understand


Project plans you can visualise

Companies want to choose a partner who can help them realise the multiple benefits of Cloud. Not just the infrastructure benefits.

Cloud can improve:

  • Time to market for initiatives driving strategic advantage
  • A businesses ability to Innovate
  • Collaboration with partners driving operational efficiency and better decision making
  • Collaboration amongst business units driving operational efficiency and better decision making
  • Process and system integration improvement driving operational efficiencies
  • Improved decision making leveraging on platform analytics solutions
  • Cost management of IT assets where costs are more directly assigned to what are used
What experieco do that can help drive these outcomes?
  • Designing solutions that can easily scale and are more aligned to what you use
  • Designing solutions giving ubiquitous access to data (& documents) and its visualisation
  • Design, configure and manage pervasive mobility solutions
  • Seamless Integration of processes and systems
  • Design analytic solutions that enhance decision making within your business

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