Appnivity is a platform to construct adaptable enterprise applications with speed. This is achieved by harnessing the many layout and design tools on the platform with pre-built highly configurable widgets reducing the need for development coding.

One of the key features of the platform is that whilst it constructs highly configurable applications quickly, there is no compromise to the look and feel of the applications when compared to a custom app design.  Both internal and external customer facing applications can be developed on the platform.

The platform and applications on it are also designed to quickly integrate technologies such as Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Robotic Process Automation and Chatbots.

All the capability combined on Appnivity enables businesses to build complex adaptive applications faster and at a lower cost.


Appnivity has been built to make it easy for a business to modify applications. This means businesses can innovate and enhance their software more easily, an essential capability in a highly competitive digital world.

Simple modifications to change layouts in an application can be done in minutes. Enhancing an application with other pre-built widgets can be done in hours or days depending on the complexity.

Removing old widgets within an application such as a reporting dashboard and replacing them new widgets as requirements change can be done in minutes. Depending on the access to data sets an application can be operational very quickly at a low cost.

Businesses requirements for applications are dynamic as they operate in in highly competitive markets that are constantly forcing change.  The ability to modify applications quickly in a software led world is an essential tool. Appnivity provides the platform to enable businesses to respond to change, modifying applications quickly and cost effectively.


Building applications can be difficult. This complexity can increase in a world where new technologies are increasingly introduced that make yesterdays way of doing things redundant.  This is particularly true when it comes to the adoption of technologies such as Artificial Intelligence, Robotic Process Automation, Chatbots and Machine Learning.

Appnivity enables a business to transition from today where there may be uncertainty about which of these technologies an organisation may adopt and when.  What you build today on Appnivity can be harnessed tomorrow, or modified more easily to accommodate these technologies.

This makes it much easier to make the investment you need to make today in your software assets to continue to be competitive as well as transform over time with newer technologies working with todays investment.


The Appnivity platform has a powerful feature enabling an organisation to clone widgets and applications rapidly, then re-purpose or share them securely within the business or externally to create unique eco-systems.

The benefit of this feature is to enable organisations to collaborate and innovate more cost effectively. Businesses can create over time eco-systems with non-competing organisations in the same industry verticals operating in different geographic areas or create private eco-systems to share software assets securely with other enterprises in different industries with similar application requirements.

Any sharing or collaboration with other partners is completely confidential and securely facilitated by Experieco once the terms have been approved prior to publication.


Sharing of software assets mentioned in the earlier section about creating eco-systems usually starts within an organisation.  This is where other divisions or departments can leverage and modify entire applications or use parts of an application to expedite the creation of another.

This feature is fantastic for a business to create clones of applications to test new innovative ideas, create AB splits for marketing and sales purposes or create entirely new applications harnessing previously built capability.

As a business builds up their own unique widgets in addition to the widgets available from the Appnivity library they all can be cloned.  Once cloned, a widget or application becomes entirely independent and can be used or modified without impacting the original widget or application from which it was copied.  This provides a business with a powerful tool to create software assets that are utilised more across their business than traditional custom or SaaS applications can be.


All organisations think creating new application ideas is cool.  But it’s much more than this; it’s also essential in todays software led world that businesses are regularly testing ideas and innovating.

This may be modifying existing applications or creating new applications. Both are essential to keep ahead of the competition or to drive continued operational efficiencies.

Appnivity is a platform that enables businesses to do this cost effectively.


Applications that are highly configurable increasing the speed to change and lowering the cost to modify.
Appnivity applications are also designed to more easily transition and adopt
emerging Artificial Intelligence (AI), Machine Learning (ML), Chatbot and Internet of Things (IoT) technologies


Sharing software assets can be with other divisions within a business or enabling
the creation of eco-systems with non-competing partners anywhere in the world.



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